Why I Should Replace My Roof Before Painting the Outside of My House in Calabasas, CA

When renovating a house, one of the most significant challenges lies in determining the sequence of projects. Suddenly, decisions arise about whether to paint the interior before or after refinishing the floors, or whether to commence with a kitchen remodel or tackle the bathroom first. Today, we at United Home Painting & Roofing would like to stress consider whether you should replace your roof before painting the exterior.

Should You Paint or Install the New Roof First?

Two substantial exterior enhancements that can significantly elevate a home’s value and curb appeal are installing a new roof and applying a fresh coat of exterior paint. However, the question arises: which one should take precedence? Does the order really matter? While scheduling contractors, the temptation may be to secure their services whenever they are available. Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider the sequence of these projects, as it can genuinely impact the final outcome. When undertaking the tasks of re-roofing and exterior painting, it is advisable to consult with a professional to ensure that the newly painted surface remains undamaged during the roofing project and the roofing fascia boards won’t need to be repainted after the roof is installed or that painting first does not negatively affect the roof installed after.

Replacing the Roof Before Repainting

Choosing to replace your roof before painting the exterior is generally the preferred approach, similar to cleaning your house, it’s wise to start from the top and work your way down. While there’s minimal risk of your home’s painting process damaging the roof, re-roofing has the potential to harm the freshly painted surface. Additionally, tackling the roofing project first allows for a better visualization of your home’s exterior aesthetics with a cohesive color scheme. However it depends on the cladding and roofing materials as well as other factors.

Protecting Fresh Exterior Paint

If you decide to paint the exterior before replacing the roof, there’s a possibility that the new paint could sustain damage during the roof replacement process. Despite the carefulness of your roofing contractor, the transportation of materials to the roof and the removal of old materials present numerous opportunities for scuffing up the new paint. Also, the process of replacing a roof tends to generate dust as old roofing materials are removed. Preventing dust and dirt from embedding into your not-yet-cured paint is crucial to maintaining the freshly painted appearance over time. By prioritizing roof replacement before painting, you ensure that your recently completed paint job remains undamaged, sparing you from calling painters back for touch-ups.

Should a Roof Be the Same Color as the House?

Even with a traditional asphalt shingle roof, there’s a variety of colors to choose from. Opting for roof replacement before painting allows you to select a paint color that harmonizes best with your new roof. While it’s possible to decide on a color scheme before replacing the roof, many find that actively integrating the new roof color into the exterior paint decision leads to a more cohesive and visually appealing outcome.

Should You Replace Roof & Windows at the Same Time?

If you’re considering both roof replacement and window replacement, it’s generally recommended to prioritize the roof replacement first. Not only is the roof a crucial component of your home, but working from the top down is the sensible approach. Scheduling roofing contractors before window installation helps prevent falling debris from damaging or scratching your new windows.

How Do I Prepare My House for a New Roof?

1) Clear the workspace: Remove obstacles around the house.
2) Protect valuables: Cover or relocate items to prevent damage.
3) Trim nearby trees: Minimize branches that may interfere.
4) Communicate with neighbors: Inform them about potential noise and debris.
5) Create a parking plan: Ensure easy access for contractors.
6) Check attic space: Clear belongings and cover items to minimize dust.
7) Plan for children and pets: Keep them safe during the project.

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