When Should I Apply Deck Stain in Hidden Hills, CA? Does Decking Need to Be Stained & Refinished Every Year?

For those with a deck, you know the importance of maintaining and protecting your decking. A deck needs to be kept clean and sealed to prevent damage from the rain, dirt and sun. For a deck that is made up primarily of wood, it is important to refinish and stain your deck. For many homeowners, the hard part is knowing when to stain your deck. To ensure your deck is protected and looking its best, United Home Painting & Roofing will share when to have your deck stained and the best time of year to refinish your home’s deck.

Does a Deck Need to Be Stained & Refinished Every Year?

A deck needs to be protected from the elements. The stain and or seal will ensure your deck is both protected and looks beautiful. Depending on the quality of stain sealer you applied previously will determine how long it will last. Better quality stains can last about five years before you need to refinish and stain the deck again. A poor quality may last between one and three years. Often you can tell when the deck needs to be stained again. The color will begin to dull and the wood may even appear dry. When the deck looks a bit old and worn, you will want to plan a time to have your deck refinished and stained.

When to Schedule Deck Refinishing & Staining?

Often the best time of year to plan or schedule to have your deck refinished and stained is during the spring or summer. During the warmer season is best as the warmer temperatures will help the stain dry faster. However, you do not want it to be too hot either. The best temperature to ensure the stain seeps into the wood is between 50 and 90 degrees. Too hot and the stain dries out before it can soak into the wood properly. Too cold and it can take the stain a long time to dry. You want the stain to dry fairly quickly as wet stain is prone to getting dirt and other outdoor particles stuck in the stain. You will want to plan for a nice sunny day with no wind or rain for the next 48 to 72 hours forecast. Wind can blow dust and other particles onto the deck. Rain will ruin the stain if it doesn’t dry completely. It is important to check the weather forecast and make sure you have a few days of good weather to ensure the deck is properly stained and sealed.

Can You Refinish a Deck Yourself?

When it comes to refinishing and staining a deck, you have a short window of time to complete the work. You do not want bad weather to damage the deck while it is unprotected. A professional can refinish your deck and stain it much faster than if you are doing all of the work yourself. Staining the deck properly is very important. The stain not only needs to look good to enhance the beauty of your deck, but it also needs to protect the deck as well.

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