What is the Best Color to Paint or Stain a Deck in Westlake Village, CA? Popular Neutral Colors, Natural Stains & More

Is it time that your start considering repainting your deck? Is it beginning to look old are tired? Maybe you are wanting to switch up the color and bring some life back into your deck. But where do you start? What color will make your deck look great and make it look good with the house? What will make your deck last? United Home Painting & Roofing is here to answer some of your questions before you start painting.

Neutral Deck Colors are the Most Popular

You can’t go wrong with choosing a neutral color for your deck. Going with a brown, gray, beige, or white color are all great and will go well with your house and deck. Yes, you can try to go for a more bold color such as green, yellow, or red, but those colors will stick out and not always look as good with your house or even your neighborhood. If you are thinking of ever reselling your home, then you should choose a neutral color that many people will enjoy.

How Do I Match My Deck Color to My House?

When you are choosing a color, like stated above you need to consider the color of your house. You want to pick a color that will go well with the house. Don’t pick a color that is exactly the same color as the house. You want a color that will stand out but is not too bold and still goes well with the house. A deck is a great place to hang out. Make sure you pick a color you like but make your house look great also.

How Long Does the Deck Paint Last For?

When it comes to picking your paint, yes, you need to find the color that you like, but you also need to find one that can handle the weather that it will get on a daily basis. When you are deciding what color you want you also need to know that thicker and darker colors can offer more protection and durability than a lighter and thinner paint. The best paint is the one that has a larger amount of pigment in it. Your color and deck will last longer.

Is it Worth it to Stain a Deck?

When it comes to your deck you don’t always need to paint, you have the option of staining. Staining your deck is always a good idea because it can help keep your deck from deteriorating; help keep the water from seeping into the wood, and helps keep pests out of it. The great thing about stain versus paint is that you can still pick a variety of colors and still make it look like a natural look.

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When it comes to picking a color to paint your deck, the decision is up to you. But by following these helpful tips you will be heading in the right direction to a beautiful deck. If you are looking to paint your deck United Home Painting & Roofing knows the best way and can help your deck look amazing. Call us today!

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