What Happens if You Don’t Replace an Old or Damaged Roof in Woodland Hills, CA? Structural Damage & More

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home. Keeping an eye on your roof will let you know when it needs to be replaced before you have any major problems. What can happen if you put off roof replacement? United Home Painting & Roofing outlines some of the consequences below.

What Happens if You Go a Long Time Without Replacing Your Roof?

1. Water Damage. If you’ve been in your home for a long time your roof may need replacement. When a roof is neglected it can allow water to flow into your home and cause damage. Areas that suffer from water damage are not only problematic to the stability of the roof, but to your home as well. The water can lead to rot and cause even bigger problems. If you think this is happening, you will need to have it replaced.
2. Health Risks. When a roof leaks it can also allow other things to get inside. Water allows mold and mildew to grow and will also allow pests into your home. Rodents can carry disease and cause damage. Mold can be very expensive to fix and lead to health problems.
3. Structural Damage. When a roof becomes unsafe it can’t do its job and serious problems can arise. When water makes its way into your home it can lead to structural damage. Water that is left unnoticed can rot wood and support beams. This can lead to roof collapse and compromise the structural integrity of your home, making it dangerous for your home and your family.
4. Fire Hazard. We’ve talked about how damaging water can be but putting off a replacement can put your home at risk of fire. Many homes rely on electricity that comes in from the outside. When water and electricity mix it can become a fire threat to you and your home.
5. Negative Personal Impact. A roof that is old and worn out can lead to problems. Neglecting problems can put your family at risk. An inspection can alert you to issues that you can fix before they become a danger to your family.
6. Devaluing your Home. Finally, a roof in need of replacement will not work properly and it looks bad. This can become a problem when you go to sell your home. Home buyers will be looking at the condition of your roof if they are thinking about buying it. A new roof can increase the price of your home because most homebuyers don’t want to undertake a renovation as soon as they move in.

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Putting off a roof replacement can have you paying a larger price in the end. For example, a roof replacement will cost less than the potential of total fire, water or mold remediation. A new roof will increase the value of your home, make your home look better and make it safe place to live. Chances are you’re not a roofing expert. If you think your roof is fine, but you know it’s old, you should contact United Home Painting & Roofing to discuss all your options for your impending roof replacement.

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