What Can Go Wrong when Replacing a Roof in Glendale, CA? DIY Working on a Roofing System is Dangerous!

Give or take a few years, the average asphalt shingle roof can withstand the elements and abuse for about 20 years … as long as it is properly cared for. It is a project that requires a small investment when you find the need to replace the roof. The roof is one of the most basic and important components when it comes to the home’s structure, and you need to ensure the roof replacement is executed with precision and quality. With proper care and maintenance, the projected lifespan of your roof can exceed expectations, delaying the need for another roof replacement. Unfortunately, many homeowners make poor decisions when it comes to the roof replacement and today, we at United Home Painting & Roofing would like to take the opportunity to share these common mistakes in an effort to help people avoid them when they set out to replace their roof.

Some Roof Accessories Cause Damage to Roofs

Not all roofing products or other general products and materials are ideally used on rooftops. For instance, rain diverts sound good in theory, however, these products force water to back up under shingles, causing more damage that will be expensive to repair instead of preventing damage. Another example are flush mounted skylights because they don’t have a very wide flange which prevents the proper support the high of water. This product is a major contributor to roof leaks. With a reputable contractor’s help, you can better understand which roofing features are an asset, and which are a detriment to your roof.

Replacing a Roof is Not a DIY Project!

Unless you have a fair amount of experience and roofing knowledge, it is in your better interest to leave the roof replacement to trusted professionals. Too many attempts result in higher replacement and repair costs in addition to the dangerous hazards a roof removal entail. Because of their over zealousness, the replacement is twice as much as if they would let a professional do it in the first place. Homeowners, just thinking they will save some money, end up paying far more for your roof replacement after needing a professional to repair the damage and reinstall a new roof. Professionals have the experience, know the safety protocols, and apply their skills with specific replacement to efficiently replace your roof.

Hire a Licensed & Reliable Roofer!

As mentioned, you need a professional to replace the roof and not just any professional, but a dependable and reputable contractor that can ensure quality workmanship. You can find customer reviews and other pertinent information regarding the professional.

Buying Replacement Asphalt Shingles

Taking on the responsibility of purchasing your own roofing materials is a mistake. Some homeowners will shop around for materials only looking for the best deal on price, and few consider the quality or the specific type of roofing materials ideal for their climate. Where some may not see the problem, letting the professional acquire your roof materials is best. We know what is ideal for your home and are often able to find quality for a good price.

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