How to Prepare to Have Roof Replaced in Westlake Village, CA; Trim Trees Before Roofers Arrive & More

Getting your roof replaced is a big decision. When your roof is old and damaged, it may be time to consider getting it replaced. Your home needs the protection from the elements that only a new roof can offer. United Home Painting & Roofing is here to share some tips to help you prepare for your roof replacement.

Having A New Roof Installed is Messy

Getting a new roof is a messy process. You should plan and prepare yourself for a large amount of debris as the old roof is removed and the new roof installed. Shingles will likely be delivered to your home as well as a dumpster for the debris to be thrown into. Many roofing contractors bring a port-a-potty so they don’t have to use your bathroom throughout the process as well. Another thing to remember is that there may be a large number a vehicles parked outside your home during the roofing process as well.

Protect the Inside of Your Home when Having a New Roof Installed

The hammering and heavy equipment used to install your new roof will create a large amount of dirt and dust inside your home. You should cover all your clothing and furniture that you don’t want to be covered is dust and debris during the process. Also, if there are any pictures or other artwork on the walls that you are concerned about, you should remove it just to be safe. You never know what may be knocked loose during installation.

Move Patio Furniture & Grills Away from the House

Anything that you don’t want damaged in the roof installation process should be moved away from the house. This includes patio furniture and grills that are located on the deck or back patio as well as any furniture on your front porch if it isn’t covered by the roof.

Move Vehicles Away from House Before Roofers Arrive

To make room for the dumpster and the extra vehicles that will be present during the installation process, you need to move your vehicles. This will also keep them protected from the falling debris as well.

Trim Trees & Bushes Away from Home

Any trees that are hanging low and in the way of the roof should be pruned and taken care of before the contractors get there. Cutting your lawn before construction begins is a good idea as well so that you are able to see the debris that ends up on your lawn. If the grass is long, it may be harder to see some of the dangerous debris that may be hiding in it.

Can Kids & Pets Live in Home During a Roof Replacement?

Getting a new roof is a noisy situation. Kids and pets may have a hard time dealing with the disruption to their normal routine. If you need to make arrangements for your kids or pets, make sure you think about it before the day of the installation. It is also wise to let your neighbors know what is going on so they can be prepared as well.

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