How Do You Incorporate Black Accents into Your Interior Painting Design in Burbank, CA? Paint Sheen & More

Most play it safe when it comes to painting the inside of a home or business. Many look to traditional whites and lighter tones to emphasize space, reflect light, and provide a welcoming feel to any room. Not only are light colors popular, grays and additional pale colors are frequently applied as well. But there are those who are drawn to the darker colors and even black and wish to use it inside homes and businesses. Though some are terrified to act on the impulse, black can be used to establish sophistication, pristine displays of beauty and class, when used correctly. At United Home Painting & Roofing we have some tips and advice on how you can effectively use black to paint the interior of your home.

How Do You Paint with Black?

Any black used needs to be incorporated harmoniously into the color scheme; too much black and the overall look will be marred and feel enclosed. Black is optimal in trim work, as an accent color, and even in balance with complimentary colors like variations of whites, grays, and creams. When working with black, no matter how you ultimately decide to use it, consider the tips below.
1) Accent Focal Point: Use black as an accent color on a single wall when you adore black, but are not ready to use more of it. This strategy will help you decide if black is appropriate on your walls while making a bold statement.
2) Blend Dark & Light Accessories: Black and other dark colors need contrast, too much black saturation will produce monochromatic nighttime. Black is a color that can be matched with nearly any other color, however, to make a dramatic effect, consider vanillas, creams, and other whites.
3) Importance of Paint Sheen: The sheen of the black is an important element when painting it in any room. Flat or matte paint, for example, is simple when it comes to touchups, but keep in mind it doesn’t reflect any light and it’s not known for its durability and longevity. The end result is a stunning liquid finish when utilizing high-gloss paint, but requires extensive prep work.
4) Light Availability: Black absorbs light, naturally making a room feel more closed and dark. In a small room that has little natural light; black will make it feel like an enclosed box where on the other hand, black used in a well naturally saturated light can create a cozy atmosphere with class.
5) Emphasis: Other detail pops out when black paint is used correctly. Black also compliments natural wood as well as contrasting colors such as white or gray for a stunning look. When using your black in harmony, decide where you want the focus.
6) Bend the Rules: Small rooms should not be painted with black according to most experts because it will create a boxed in feeling. Rooms like bathrooms or even narrow hallways that traditionally shy away from dark colors can be unique and gorgeous when used with colors of contrast.

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