Exterior Painting Tips; What Temperature Does it Need to Be to Paint Outside in Van Nuys, CA & More?

In the San Fernando Valley, CA area, there are many outdoor projects we tackle, especially when the weather is nice. To ensure the end result is at the maximum potential, waiting for optimal weather for the various projects is often essential and this applies to exterior painting. The best weather to perform exterior painting and the weather that will suffice plays a big role in the results of your painted house. Today, we at United Home Painting & Roofing would like to discuss the best time to get the exterior of your home painted.

What Temperature Should You Not Paint?

The main thing to remember is that painting in extreme temperatures should be avoided. When you plan to paint the exterior of your home, the best temperatures are around 70 degrees with little to no wind, and milder humidity levels. Generally, the ideal temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees for exterior house painting. The slower cured paint offers the best performance, so higher temperatures will accelerate the curing of the paint, impacting the results. Even in nights that follow a fresh paint job it can decrease the performance of the paint when painting in temperatures that fall below 50 degrees. Fortunately, there are designed to cure at lower temperatures. Make certain to understand which paint products you are investing in and use them according to the temperatures of the weather to maximize the results of your paint and to benefit from the performance if you are taking on the exterior painting job yourself.

It is Bad to Paint Before, During & After Rain!

In addition to avoiding painting the outside just before, during, and right after rain, you will want to avoid excessive dryness. If the rain fell prior to painting day, the walls of your house likely would have absorbed moisture. Before you begin, it is crucial to ensure the walls are fully dried. Do not attempt to paint in the rain, despite the obviousness. Doing so will only leave a terrible outcome and the worst paint’s performance. Also, avoid painting as well as it freshly applied can create problems if the rain is in the near forecast. The moisture in the air helps slow down the curing process, and when it is slowed, it can help enhance the ultimate performance, so humid conditions can be reasonable to paint in. Excessive humidity, however, can be an indication of rain in the near future.

Professionals Use Quality Paint

Though that can have a significant impact on the quality of your exterior paint, your choice of house painter will be even more important than the meteorological conditions if you are hiring a professional. Ensure they utilize top-quality products that are applicable for your climate and they follow procedure to maximize and professionals will ensure the weather is optimal when selecting a team of professionals.

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